WWE 2K23: The Ultimate Review for Wrestling Fans and Gamers

Wrestling fans and gamers, are you looking for a game that delivers an immersive and enjoyable experience? Look no further than WWE 2K23. As a group of experienced gamers and avid wrestling enthusiasts, we put the latest instalment of the WWE 2K franchise to the test and were blown away by what it had to offer. Here’s our comprehensive review of WWE 2K23.

Stunning Graphics that Bring the WWE to Life

As soon as we loaded up WWE 2K23, we were immediately impressed by the stunning graphics. The character models are incredibly detailed and lifelike, with attention paid to every aspect of their design. The arenas are also beautifully rendered, with impressive lighting effects that create a great sense of atmosphere. We were pleased to find that the game runs smoothly on both current-gen and last-gen consoles, with no noticeable dips in frame rate. Overall, the graphics in WWE 2K23 are some of the best we’ve seen in a wrestling game to date.

Gameplay That Truly Shines

WWE 2K23’s gameplay is where the game truly shines. The controls are responsive and intuitive, making for smooth and fluid gameplay. The game features a range of match types, from traditional one-on-one bouts to more unique matches like Hell in a Cell and TLC. Each match type feels unique and requires different strategies and tactics.

The game’s signature mode, MyCareer, has also been improved in WWE 2K23. Players can create their own wrestler and work their way up the ranks of the WWE, participating in matches and building up their skills and reputation. The mode features a branching story with multiple paths and endings, adding a level of replayability to the game.

Another new addition to WWE 2K23 is the Create-a-Stable mode, which allows players to create their own wrestling faction with custom logos, team names, and entrance music. This mode is a great addition for those who enjoy creating their own storylines and rivalries in the game.

Impressive Sound Design

The sound design in WWE 2K23 is impressive, with great attention paid to the sound effects and commentary. The crowd noises are realistic and add to the atmosphere of the match, while the sound effects for moves and strikes are impactful and satisfying. The commentary, provided by Michael Cole and Pat McAfee, is also top-notch, with the pair providing insightful analysis and entertaining banter throughout the matches.

Solid Online Play

WWE 2K23’s online play is solid, with matchmaking and connectivity working smoothly. Players can participate in a range of online matches, from one-on-one bouts to multi-man matches and even custom matches created by other players. The online community is active and vibrant, with plenty of players sharing their own custom creations and participating in online tournaments and leagues.

Minor Issues and Criticisms

While we thoroughly enjoyed playing WWE 2K23, there were a few issues and criticisms we had with the game. Firstly, while the graphics are impressive, there were occasional glitches and clipping issues that detracted from the immersion of the game. Secondly, the loading times for certain modes and matches can be quite long, particularly on last-gen consoles. Finally, while the Create-a-Stable mode is a great addition, it can be quite limited in terms of customization options.

In conclusion

If you’re a wrestling fan or a gamer looking for an immersive experience, WWE 2K23 is a must-play game. The game’s stunning graphics, responsive and intuitive controls, and range of match types and modes make it one of the best wrestling games to date. While there are a few minor issues with the game, they don’t detract from the overall enjoyment and fun that can be had with WWE 2K23. So, don’t hesitate to give this game a try and step into the ring as your favorite WWE Superstar!


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