Facebook vs TikTok: Who’s Winning the Battle for Social Media?

TikTok Is Eating Facebook Inside

If you’re a regular social media user, you’ve probably noticed that TikTok is becoming more and more popular every day. In fact, according to a recent article on Reuters, TikTok is eating Facebook from the inside. While Facebook has been around for much longer than TikTok, the younger social media platform is quickly catching up in terms of user engagement and popularity.

Rise of TikTok: Why Facebook Is Worried

In an article published by The Guardian, the rise of TikTok is explored in greater detail. The piece discusses how Facebook is becoming increasingly worried about the booming social app, which has attracted millions of users in just a few short years. One of the main reasons why Facebook is so concerned is that TikTok is particularly popular among younger people, who make up a significant portion of Facebook’s user base.

Facebook vs TikTok Users

In terms of user numbers, Facebook still has the upper hand over TikTok. According to the latest statistics, Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users, while TikTok has around 700 million. However, TikTok’s user base is growing rapidly, and it’s likely that it will continue to gain ground on Facebook in the coming years.

Facebook vs TikTok Privacy

Privacy is a major concern for many social media users, and both Facebook and TikTok have come under fire in the past for their handling of user data. However, in a recent study by cybersecurity firm Surfshark, TikTok was found to be more transparent than Facebook in terms of data collection and sharing practices. This could be a point in TikTok’s favor when it comes to user trust and loyalty.

Facebook vs TikTok Net Worth

In terms of net worth, Facebook is still far ahead of TikTok. According to Forbes, Facebook’s net worth is currently estimated at around $1 trillion, while TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is worth around $400 billion. However, TikTok’s rapid growth means that this gap could narrow in the future.

TikTok vs Facebook Revenue

When it comes to revenue, Facebook still generates more money than TikTok. According to Business of Apps, Facebook generated over $100 billion in revenue in 2021, while TikTok’s revenue for the same period was around $35 billion. However, TikTok’s revenue is growing rapidly, and it’s possible that it could catch up with Facebook in the future.

TikTok vs Facebook for Business

Both TikTok and Facebook offer advertising options for businesses, but they differ in terms of their target audiences and ad formats. According to a recent article on Lebesgue.io, TikTok’s user base tends to be younger and more engaged with video content, making it an ideal platform for businesses that want to reach this demographic. Facebook, on the other hand, has a wider range of user demographics and offers a variety of ad formats to choose from.

TikTok vs Facebook vs Instagram

It’s worth noting that Instagram is also a major player in the social media space, and is owned by Facebook. According to Statista, Instagram has around 1.4 billion monthly active users, which puts it somewhere in between Facebook and TikTok in terms of user numbers. However, Instagram’s focus on visual content and its younger user base make it more similar to TikTok than Facebook.

TikTok vs Facebook Security

Finally, security is another important consideration when it comes to social media. Both Facebook and TikTok have faced criticism in the past for their handling of user data and privacy, but they have made efforts to improve their security measures. However, TikTok has faced additional scrutiny due to its ownership by Chinese company ByteDance. Some experts have expressed concern over the potential for data to be shared with the Chinese government, although TikTok has denied any such allegations.


In conclusion, TikTok’s rise to prominence has certainly caught the attention of Facebook and the wider social media industry. While Facebook still holds the top spot in terms of user numbers and revenue, TikTok’s rapid growth and popularity among younger users means that it is a force to be reckoned with.

Both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to user privacy, net worth, and advertising options, and businesses should carefully consider their target audience when choosing which platform to use. As for the future, it’s clear that the social media landscape is constantly evolving, and it will be interesting to see how Facebook and TikTok continue to compete in the years to come.

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